LightForce Recommended Materials

This article includes recommended products and materials, with order links, to be successful with LightForce.

List of Materials needed for IDB Training (Hands-On Experience)

Links to Order

  1. Reliance Assure Plus
  2. LightBond Blue Push Paste w/ Fluoride  (SKU LBBPPF) 
  3. Portable Magnifier with LED Light 
  4. Composite Instrument (small tip)

Canada ONLY (OSC) Ordering Information for Reliance Products

Links to Order

  1. Assure Plus (OSC)
  2. LightBond Regular Paste- Blue (OSC)

Additional Approved Adhesives

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High Viscosity 

Medium Viscosity

Adhesives to Avoid

  • Green Gloo
  • Flow Tain
  • Transbond LV

Note: The LCR 5G Push Syringe (SKU LCR)  is NOT recommended for adding adhesive to LightForce brackets due to the dispensing end being too large for a controlled amount of adhesive.

Recommended Bite Turbo Material

  1. LightBond Blue Push Paste w/ Fluoride  (SKU LBBPPF) << Link to order

Recommended Phosphoric Etchant

It is recommended to use a phosphoric gel etchant to provide effective demineralization of the enamel producing the necessary retentive surface for successful bonding. The gel will allow the technician to have better control of the area being etched for preparation of bonding.

  1. Reliance Etchant (gel) << Link to Order info (37% phosphoric acid)

(Liquid Etch is not recommended to use with LightForce, due to the difficulty in controlling the amount used for the prepped area- offices using a liquid etch may experience debonds (days or weeks later) or IDB tray unnecessarily adhering to teeth with extra flash during removal)

Recommended Primer

  1. Reliance Assure Plus << Link to Order

Instruments & Tool Recommendations:

  • Composite Instrument IPC Ea1190178 | A. Titan Instruments - CI200-60
  • Magnifying Glass with 8 LED Lights - Hands-free Magnifier

Magnifier for checking adhesive amount on the back of LightForce brackets and ensuring no adhesive is on the IDB tray. Click Link to Order



For any questions please contact your LightForce Sales Representative or email the integration specialist team at