Bracket Bonding Materials for LightForce

This article includes recommended product and materials for LightForce.

Flowable Adhesives

Clients often ask about using flowable cements to accommodate the IDB methodology. These can be great choices due to their enhanced usability and speed of material application to multiple brackets in the tray.
Recommended Flowable Adhesives:
  1. Reliance: L.C.R 1.5g with 15 gauge tips included
  2. Reliance: L.C.R Tips (Capsules)  with the Mark II C.R. Syringe  (order separately)
  3. Reliance: Light Bond Thin Tips (Capsules) with the Mark II Push (order separately)

Note: For any other flowable adhesives used other than the ones listed above, might have a reduced bond strength, and an increased chance of early de-bonding, due to the properties inherent with those materials and a mechanical-locking base. 

      Viscous Adhesives

      More viscous adhesives require more packing into the geometry of the base, but will provide more reliable bonding to teeth.
      1. 3M Transbond Plus Color Change 
      2. Reliance: Light Bond Medium Tips & (Capsules) with the Mark II Push (order separately)  
      3. Reliance: Go To Tips (Capsules) with the Mark II Push (order separately)

        Recommended Bite Turbo Cements

        Phosphoric Etchant

        It is recommended to use a phosphoric gel etchant to provide effective demineralization of the enamel producing the necessary retentive surface for successful bonding. The gel will allow the technician to have better control of the area being etched for preparation of bonding.

        Reliance Etchant (gel) << Link to Order


        It is recommended to use a primer or bonding resin to allow for better adhesion for bonding the bracket to the tooth.
        Note: It is recommended to light cure the primer before tray insertion to ensure the indirect bond tray doesn't stick to the patient's teeth during tray removal.
        Reliance Assure Plus << Link to Order

        Note: It is not recommended to use self etching primer with LightForce. 

        Instruments & Tool Recommendations:

        The Composite and Plastic Filling instrument is recommended as a tool to press and maneuver the adhesive after applied to the bracket pad. Another common tool used to spread the adhesive is a micro brush, either tool can be used for LightForce.

        • 3M Safety Glasses Anti Fog with Lights (No magnification) Amazon Link  
        • 3M Safety Glasses with Readers, Light Vision, (+1.5 magnification) Amazon Link 
        • 3M Safety Glasses with Readers, Light Vision, (+2.0 magnification) Amazon Link  Leyaron


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