Bracket Bonding Material

What Bonding Material Shall I use?

What Bonding Material Shall I use?

LightForce currently supports using your light cure adhesive of choice for usage with the LightForce brackets system.

Flowable Cements

Clients often ask about using flowable cements to accommodate the IDB methodology. These can be great choices due to their enhanced usability and speed of material application to multiple brackets in the tray. However, the superior flowability of these materials comes at the price of reduced bonding strength, and an increased chance of early de-bonding, due to the properties inherent with these materials and a mechanical-locking base1.
More viscous adhesives require more packing into the geometry of the base, but will provide more reliable bonding to teeth.

Priming & Primer

Additionally, though it should not have a negative effect, there is no need to add primer to the bracket bases prior to bonding (as is done with conventional indirect bonding of stock brackets with a composite base). LightForce bases are both fully customized and have a mechanics locking base, negating the need for primer.


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