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What is LightForce? (Doc & Video)

Learn more about our company and how we're different.

About LightForce Orthodontics:

Based in Cambridge, MA, LightForce Orthodontics has created the world's first fully customized, 3D-printed, braces.


LightForce unites cutting-edge 3D-printing technology with the latest in digital treatment planning. For the first time ever orthodontists can provide braces that are 100% customized for each individual patient. LightForce braces fit teeth perfectly and are literally programmed with the precise movements required to create a perfect smile every time.


These braces are made with 100% polycrystalline alumina and are manufactured using state of the art 3D printers that maximize the accuracy of each and every bracket design. These braces are the only true option for complete patient customization.

The LightForce Difference:

Uncomfortable impressions and plaster models have been replaced with digital scans and virtual treatment planning. 


Each bracket is 3D printed to fit the face of every tooth perfectly. This allows for more efficient tooth movements and also improves comfort levels.

Every LightForce treatment takes into account each individuality of a patient; the jawline, the lips, and the layout of the patient's face. By creating a plan based on these characteristics, the end result is one of a kind.