Exporting STL files from CEREC Omnicam

How to Export scans from the Cerec Omnicam Scanner.

Take the Scan/Send Order

  1. Save as a therapeutic Scan: 100% of tooth surfaces for all teeth in a therapeutic scan
  2. After scanning the patient in CEREC Ortho SW, proceed to the MODEL phase and check the models for completion.
  3. Choose “Export...” from the system menu at the top of the screen.
  4. In the save dialog, choose the file type “STL File”.
    Warning: The file type “STL Closed Geometry” is optimized for printing. It is not suitable for LightForce treatment planning.
  5. Save the STL file to a directory that can be accessed later for uploading during the ordering process. 

    For information on how to upload .STL files to LightForce, visit https://kb.lightforceortho.com/how-to-upload-scans-into-lightforce