LightForce Treatment Form (Digital & Printable PDF)

This article includes the a printable and digital copy of the LightForce New Patient Treatment Form.

Click the image below to download the PDF version or simply click here

Treatment Form for New Order Submission

The LightForce Treatment form provides information for the orthodontic office to complete and track your patient's information as they are submitted for LightForce treatment. 

    • The digital copy can easily be completed by office staff throughout the new order submission process, and saved as a .pdf in the patient's digital chart.
    • The printable copy can easily be printed, filled out, and scanned back into the patient chart.

The Records Submitted in LightForce Portal section offers a way for the office staff to provide their initials for better office workflow, and better patient tracking as each record is completed & submitted into the LightForce portal . This form can easily integrate into any office's existing lab submission workflow.

See example of Digital Form Completion below:

Treatment Summary Form V2