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LightForce Script for Treatment Coordinators

Helpful speaking points for Treatment Coordinators presenting to prospective patients

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“Our practice caters to the needs of busy patients and their families and we understand that everyone walking into our office is unique. Therefore, we focus on staying up to date with the latest in orthodontic technologies. This gives us the ability to offer unique treatment options, and experiences, for your unique needs.”

“What sets our office apart is that we’re one of the only orthodontic practices in the area with the ability to customize every tooth movement, with digital precision, which may lead to shorter treatment duration, fewer and shorter appointments, and healthier orthodontic treatment outcomes.” 

  • (Show LightForce typodonts for better understanding by the patient)

Explaining LightForce

“LightForce combines the best software and 3D printing resulting in the elimination of the variables associated with the placement, prescription, and predictability of traditional orthodontic braces that have been the standard for decades.”  

How it works: 

The LightForce workflow:

  • Starts with a digital scan of your child.
  • Dr. ________ creates a digital treatment plan that is fully customized to your child’s needs with every tooth movement preprogrammed from the onset. 
  • The appliances (brackets) are then manufactured utilizing 3D printing for each tooth’s unique shape and intended movement. 
  • Prior to your child’s initial appointment, LightForce provides a 3D printed tray, custom to your child’s teeth, to place the 3D printed brackets in the exact position to make the treatment as efficient and effective as possible.”

Benefits of custom treatment: 

The LightForce technology:

  • Improves comfort for the patient.
  • Allows the teeth to move accurately and efficiently.

“With the advantages of LightForce you should come to the practice a lot less than with traditional brackets. We understand how busy our patients are, so we take that into consideration when recommending treatment options. That is why I believe LightForce is the right choice for you.”

The White Bracket Question

Teen Patient - “As you’ll see, the brackets are white, just like your teeth. Kids love the white brackets because the colors of the elastic’s ‘pop’ off the white brackets. I’ve had numerous patients say that the color is like Apple Airpods and since your teeth are white, they are less noticeable compared to metal braces.” 

Adult Patient – “As you’ll see, the brackets are white, just like your teeth. We can decide to use color elastics, or one that’s less noticeable like pearl. The best part about being treated with LightForce is the expected outcome of fewer appointments and a more efficient treatment. This appliance gives us the best chance to move through treatment quicker, with a great experience for you along the way.”


Click here to download this guide as a PDF