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LightForce Custom 7 Bonding Instructions

This article includes support on bonding LightForce custom 7s.


Indirect Bond (IDB) Tray and Tube

The IDB tray for 7s is a single-tooth tray with an arm extension.  The custom tube comes placed in the tray similarly to the other brackets and tubes. 



The IDB tray and tubes for 7s have been packed in the same well as their respective side trays (i.e. UL7 custom tubes with UL trays). See the image below for reference.

Bonding Instructions

Bonding the 7s can be done at any time during the initial bonding appointment; however, it is recommended to bonding the 7s first, before bonding 6-6, to provide better access for placement and reduce the likelihood for saliva contamination. 

1.  Once the teeth are prepared, check that you have the correct bracket and tray number before placing it in the patient’s mouth ( ex. UL7 - placed on upper left second molar).

2.  Use the lever arm extension to guide the IDB tray & bracket to the second molar.

3.  Once positioned on the tooth use a pointer finger to firmly press and hold the tray on the occlusal.

Note: The arm extension is used for initial placement only.  Do not apply pressure to the extension arm during curing, as it may displace the bracket.

4.  With a firm occlusal hold - Light cure from buccal over top of bracket for 3-5 seconds each (mesial & distal).

5.  Remove the tray with weingart pliers or with regular finger pressure, making sure to roll towards the cheek from lingual to buccal. (Do not use arm extension for removal)

6.  Check/Clean Flash

7.  Final cure for an additional 3-5 seconds without the tray (directly on the bracket).

8.  Check interproximal contacts with floss.

IDB Bonding Instructions

IDB Removal Instructions