New LightPlan Interface

New Top Navigation Bar

A new top navigation bar contains the View Controls, Default Views, Patient Information, and Undo/Redo actions.

  • Top navigation bar provides more real estate in the 3D Viewer for unobstructed access to the model
  • Updated tooth selection widget has a more intuitive interface for tooth adjustments
  • New Hot keys for common View Controls for easy toggling between Initial/Final views as well as Brackets, Arch-wire, and Arch visibility

Old Interface

New Interface

Updated Tooth Selection Widget

Toggle Between the New and Old Interface

If you wish to switch back to the old LightPlan interface, use the “Switch to Old View” button in the top right hand corner: 

If you switch to the old LightPlan interface and want to switch back to the new interface, use the the button highlighted in the image below: