Reordering Brackets, Bite Turbos, & LightTrays

This article includes instructions on how to reorder brackets & IDB Trays from the LightForce doctor Portal.

    Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to order any replacements you need.

    1. Go to your patient’s profile in the LightForce Doctor Portal.
    2. Select Order Replacement Brackets (see image below)
      1. If a reorder was previously placed a window will appear notifying the clinician of the existing reorder details with a link to view and options to proceed with a new order or cancel the request.
    3. Select the bracket(s) or tray(s) needed. (see image below)
    4. Reason for Reorder- It is Important to select the options for the reorder and fill out the open field with the reason for reordering. This information will help our team find ways to better our product and training resources. (see image below)
    5. Lastly, Submit your order. In the patient’s file you will see that the reorder has been placed and is being processed. A “Reorder Details” button will appear next to the “Reorder Replacements Brackets” button for reviewing all previous reorders. (see image below)


    Note: Replacement brackets will automatically send with IDB tray.

    Old Box Patient Reorders with the jewel case will send as full segments with brackets placed in the trays (See Old Box rebonding instructions for segmentation and rebonding protocol)

    New Box Patient Reorders with rebond trays will send with rebond trays and brackets placed in the trays (See New box rebonding instructions for rebonding protocol)

    For any questions contact our LightForce Customer Support team:


    Phone: +1-800-481-0185 extension 2