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New Box Rebonding Protocol

Step by Step guide to rebonding LightForce brackets with the new box design. For rebonds with existing bite turbos - see instructions at the end of this article.

Rebonding Protocol with Rebond Trays

  1. First remove o-ties, arch wire, & broken bracket if it's still connected to the wire.
  2. Check to make sure the tooth surface is smooth for bonding. (No left over bonding material)
  3. Open the patient’s LightForce box and pull out the replacement parts insert. *Reminder - the replacement box insert has a front tab sealed with a white sticker containing the patients first and last name, and patient alias.

    Note* Each Box will come with a set of instructions on how to rebond LightForce Brackets using the rebond trays. See the above information in more detail below:
  4. Remove the tray segment that correlates to the tooth needing to be rebonded - Each tooth in an IDB tray is labeled with the palmer notation for reference.
  5. Since the teeth have moved from the initial position, a singular rebond tray is made for each specific tooth, each rebond tray is connected by a small tab. You can remove the rebond tray from the full segment by either tearing or cutting the tab.

  6. Before adding adhesive to the tray, trial fit the tray to ensure passive fit.
    1. Check for any potential interferences from the gingiva or adjacent teeth/brackets.
    2. If there are interferences, trim the tray with a scalpel or ligature cutting pliers, slowly removing small increments and retrying the tray on the tooth each time.
    3. Once tray has ideal fit, use cotton tip applicator with isopropyl alcohol to clean the back of the bracket pad and compress air dry as needed.
  7. Perform your same bonding tooth prep and isolation. 
  8.  After the tooth has been prepped, insert the tray onto the tooth with “outer ridge” pressure. The outer ridge is located where the occlusal and facial surface meet in the rebond tray.
  9. Light cure bracket 3-5 seconds on the mesial & distal and remove the rebond tray.
  10. Check for excessive flash and for any IDB tray that may have bonded or stuck under the tie wings of the bracket.
  11. Final Light Cure the bracket for 3-5 seconds directly over the bracket, after the rebond tray has been removed.

We strongly recommend NOT to micro-etch or sandblast LightForce brackets. This can remove or distort part of the custom base and cause potential bond failures after rebonding. We suggest using the back up replacement bracket when rebonding.

IMPORTANT :  Remember to REORDER replacement brackets  for the brackets that were used at the rebond. Click Here for Reorder Instructions

Instructions for Rebond Tray with Bite Turbos

When rebonding a bracket with an existing bite turbo, the rebond tray will not fit properly on the tooth for the rebond. Before bonding the bracket, make sure to trim the lingual portion of the rebond tray with enough clearance so the tray isn't resting on the bite turbo during the rebond. 

 trim rebond tray with turbo

For any questions contact our LightForce Customer Support team:
Email: support@lightforceortho.com
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