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Mini Tubes

LightForce introduces Mini Tubes! In the article below, find the answers to frequently asked questions.

How does this help me better serve my patients?

A smaller base size and lower profile in both occlusal-gingival and mesial-distal directions will enable placement on smaller and/or unerupted molars.  These teeth currently require stock and/or direct-bonded brackets, which reduce accuracy and cannot be delegated, requiring additional doctor time.  Sometimes all of the brackets have to be placed more incisal to permit a custom tube. Incisally placed brackets are less aesthetic, necessitate larger bite turbos and increase the risk of occlusal interference and enamel damage on opposing teeth.  

What value does this add?

This will provide more options for planning and flexibility in various clinical scenarios (partially erupted second molars) to treat a wider range of patients.  Mini-tubes can be placed closer to the gingiva, which will allow all brackets to be placed closer to the gums, minimizing occlusal contact, reducing the need for bite turbos for bracket clearance, and allowing more brackets to be indirectly bonded, which increases accuracy and saves doctor time. 

How will this impact patient experience or comfort?

This product will have a positive impact on the patient and practice experience as well as improving patient comfort. A mini tube will offer the option to the orthodontist to bond the 7s at the initial bonding without compromising patient comfort or experience. Also, a mini tube is an ideal option for patients who are sensitive or require more attention, an option that is crucial to maintaining happiness among those patients!

How does a provider activate or use this product?

Upon release, all tube options including mini, standard and small sizes will be determined by the treatment planner setting up the case. The goal is to place the largest bracket on any given molar. If there is a preference, make a request in the new order prescription form or send a note when reviewing a LightPlan.

How does this impact an orthodontic practice?

No more waiting to bond 7s that are partially erupted. Now all brackets can be bonded sooner!