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LightForce Turbo Avoidance Trays

LightForce introduces Turbo Avoidance Trays! In the article below, find the answers to frequently asked questions.

How does this help me better serve my patients?

Rebond trays will now avoid both anterior and posterior turbos for easier rebonding on teeth with bite turbos bonded. This will avoid time spent modifying the rebond tray to seat it properly, which can sometimes lead to bonding inaccuracies. This will improve the accuracy or rebonding brackets as compared to the previous rebond trays. 

How do I get it?

Turbo Avoidance Trays will be included in all new case submissions and reorders on or after February 1, 2023

How does it impact my practice?

The improvement to the rebond tray will allow for more consistent execution of rebonds with LightForce brackets with little to no additional instruction.