Original Bracket Base Design & Debonding Technique

Debonding technique and information with the original bracket base. This article is for all patient cases submitted before 6/30/2020.

LightForce bracket Terminology

  • BAB - Breakaway Base - Bracket feature that enables it to crack down the middle
  • Aux Slot - Vertical bracket slot between the mesial and distal tie wings

Original BAB Design:

The clinical technician will have to activate the BAB by holding closer to the tie wings and applying light pressure moving up and down the bracket. Weakening the bracket like a paper clip. Taking the plier and squeezing more gingivally then adjusting the plier up/down the sides of the bracket going from gingival to middle to occlusal until the bracket collapses. 

Important Note:

*Remove arch wire before activating BAB

*With LFO brackets and activating BAB to not apply any torque of the wrist when debonding.

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