How-To: Add Your First Patient & Create A LightPlan (v2)

Quick steps for submitting first patient for treatment by LightForce

For a digital or printable copy of the version 2 treatment form click the link to download. Digital/Printable Treatment Form .pdf << Click Here

Adding Your First Patient Information

Once you have set-up your Doctor Portal correctly, you will be able to begin adding cases! Follow these instructions to ensure you have added all necessary details for our LightForce representatives.

  1. Go to and login to your doctor portal
  2. To begin, click 'Add New Patient' to Get Started
  3. Enter in the Required Fields of the New Patient Page. 1-4 are Required.
    (Middle Name & Practice Management Software ID is optional)
    Then Click "Save and Continue"

 Adding Patient Images

  1. These images can either be submitted through a single composite photo, or individually.
  2. You have the ability to 'drag and drop' patient photos, or 'browse your files' (See Below Images)
    Drag & Drop Image
    Browse Files Image

You are able to click on each of your images to see a larger version.

1.3 Adding Radiograph

  1. Next to upload the radiographs you have the option to drag and drop the file or use the Browse File upload button. You also have the option to "skip" this step.
    Note: Radiographs are optional for case submission. Although we strongly encourage a Pan & Ceph for the best information to setup your LightPlan.
    (For the best bite turbo setup, it is recommended to submit a CEPH)
  2. Click 'Save' to successfully upload your patient's x-rays

Creating Your Patient's LightForce Treatment Plan

After you have successfully uploaded your patient's characteristics and images, you are ready to begin the treatment planning process! 

Create LightPlan

The simple and intuitive online interface is designed for fast and efficient treatment planning. Simple easy to use treatment planning software allows for review and approval from virtually anywhere. The proprietary digital design and manufacturing software compensates dynamically to modify the bracket programming to maintain straight wire principles.

To get started, click 'Create LightPlan'

2.1 Basic Information Page

Start by entering the basic information on the first page of the prescriptions form:

  1. Assign a doctor to the LightPlan
  2. Select your shipping and billing address
  3. Review the estimated ship date
  4. Select the method for sharing patient scans

Note: The "Send via iTero" and "Send via 3Shape" boxes are used to let LightForce know that you have sent the scans through the lab direct connection from your scanner. This will prompt our team to look for that scan through our portal system.

5. When the files have been uploaded, you can manipulate the 3D model with your mouse by clicking and dragging on the model or zooming in and out.
    • You can also upload your STL files into the LightForce portal select "Upload Now". Use the Browse Files buttons to search for the scans.
      Note: Double check your Upper & Lower arch selection during this process to ensure your scans are uploading to the right fields. (Upper Scan > Upper Box and Lower Scan to Lower Box)
  • In Addition: For Scanners that are not a 3Shape or iTero, please provide the Scanner name by selecting Other > Typing in the Scanner Type Name.
    If your STL files are manually exported 3Shape or iTero scans, select the correct drop down.
6. Click Continue

2.2 LightPlan Specifications Page

  1. Select your treatment approach "Comprehensive" or "Limited".
  2. Choose the corresponding option if it is a staged treatment.
  3. Select Bracket Material. If you have a default preference for all your practice, you can choose the default from the settings page of your account (refer to the screenshot attached).
  4. Specify slot height.
  5. Indicate hook preferences if needed.
  6. Bite Turbos section will be pre-filled based on doctor preferences entered in profile page
  7. Click Continue

2.3 The Tooth Information page 

This page is optional. However, we recommend providing the information to reduce the turnaround time of LightPlans.

This page has 2 sections where doctors can indicate restrictions or plans for specific Deciduous and/or Permanent teeth. We will use this information to determine how we will proceed in terms of teeth movements and brackets manufacturability.

Section 1: Please use this section to identify how the technician should treat any deciduous teeth that are present in the scan.

Mark actions for each deciduous tooth by selecting the available options and then selecting the tooth. You may click on the tooth again to remove the selection. Please refer to the tooth selection chart for more details on each selection. 

To be Extracted: Identify deciduous teeth that are currently exfoliating or planned for extraction. Brackets will not be provided and the tooth will not be included in the final setup. If an unerupted permanent successor is present, we will represent it with a mirror/pontic and send a custom mirrored/stock bracket for direct bonding at your discretion. 

Don’t Move: We will maintain the original position of the tooth in the final set-up. Brackets will not be provided unless specified. 

Request Bracket: Selected deciduous teeth should be included in the final set-up and custom brackets should be provided. Movements to these teeth are acceptable to ensure bracket manufacturability. 

Clear: Select this option to disable teeth all other teeth that do not have selections applied
For any reason, if you need to provide additional instructions, please add your message in the special instructions located below the tooth selection chart.

Clear All: Clear all selections from the chart

Special Instructions: Use this text area to provide any other instructions related to deciduous teeth

Section 2: Please use this section to identify how the technician should treat any permanent teeth that are present in the scan. Mark actions for each permanent tooth by selecting the available options and then selecting the tooth.

Add/Remove Brackets: Indicate which teeth that you do or do not want brackets for.

To be extracted: Indicate which teeth will be extracted as part of the treatment plan. As a default, all spaces for permanent teeth which are indicated for extraction will be closed unless specified otherwise. 

Missing: Indicate which teeth are missing. As a default, spaces for missing teeth will be closed unless indicated otherwise. 

Don’t Move: Please indicate which teeth you do not want to be moved. 

Future replacement: Indicates which teeth are planned for future restoration. This selection can only be applied to teeth which have already been designated as “To be extracted” or “Missing.

Clear: Disable selections for all teeth other than those that have selections currently applied

Clear All: Clear all selections from chart

Special Instructions: Use this text area to provide any other instructions related to permanent teeth

  • Click Continue

2.4 Smile Design Page

Smile Arc 

Upper Incisors Vertical Movement - Please advise how you would like to vertically position the patient’s upper incisors to maintain and/or optimize the smile arc.

  • Maintain: Original vertical position of upper incisors will be maintained
  • Extrude: Upper incisors will be extruded to follow the curvature of the lower lip
  • Intrude: Upper incisors will be intruded to reduce incisor display and/or improve the smile line.
  • Other: Please choose this option if you have a specific request
    • Examples: Intrude/extrude incisors X mm, Use the incisal edge/gingival margin of X tooth as a reference to level U3-3, etc. 

Midline Correction

Please advise how you would like to align the dental midlines 

  • Maintain: Select this option if you plan to maintain one or both of the original dental midlines
    • Both: Original position of upper and lower dental midlines will be maintained
    • Upper: Original position of upper midline will be maintained. Lower midline will be aligned to match upper midline
    • Lower: Original position of lower midline will be maintained. Upper midline will be aligned to match lower midline
  • Improve Upper: Select this option if you plan to move the patient’s upper midline (lower will be aligned to upper) 
    • To Patient’s Right: Upper midline will be moved to the patient’s right until it is coincident to the facial midline. Lower midline will be aligned to upper midline
    • To Patient’s Left: Upper midline will be moved to the patient’s left until it is coincident to the facial midline. Lower midline will be aligned to upper midline
  • Other: Please choose this option if you have a specific request. 
    • Example: Move patient’s upper midline X mm to the right

Desired Overbite

  • Maintain: Original overbite (OB) will be maintained
  • Ideal: Ideal OB (1-3 mm) will be established. Please note: Technicians will consider clinical crown height and bracket clearance when establishing the “Ideal” OB in the LightPlan.
  • Other: Please choose this option if you have a specific request. 
    • Examples: Finish with 10% OB, Finish with 3 mm OB, Finish with 40% overlap of upper and lower incisors.

Desired Overjet

  • Maintain: Original overjet (OJ) will be maintained 
  • Ideal: Ideal OJ (2 mm) will be established
  • Other: Please choose this option if you have a specific request
    • Examples: Finish with slightly increased OJ, Finish with minimal OJ, Finish with 2.5 mm OJ

2.5 Clinical Instructions page

 This page is extremely important. Please indicate all notes you have regarding your case to help our representatives create an accurate treatment plan. The more specific the notes, the more accurate our initial set up will be. By telling us what your strategy, we can better serve your needs.

Sagittal Correction (mandatory section)

Please advise how you would like to approach Anterior-Posterior (A-P) correction in the LightPlan.

  • Correct: The A-P discrepancy will be corrected to achieve bilateral Class I canine relationships. 
  • Please specify below whether you plan to use Class II/III elastics or an appliance for A-P correction, so that over-corrections may be built into the LightPlan, according to your preferences. 
  • Maintain: A-P discrepancy will not be corrected. Existing posterior occlusion will be maintained. 
  • Surgical Plan: Please describe planned surgical procedures 
  • Special Instructions: Please include any special instructions here 

Desired IPR

Please advise if you plan to incorporate interproximal reduction (IPR) into the LightPlan

  • Don’t add any IPR. Note: Selecting this option may limit treatment plan objectives
  • As Needed: IPR will be distributed as necessary to achieve Class I canines/interdigitation and normal OJ
    • Anterior, Maximum IPR per contact: X mm
    • Posterior, Maximum IPR per contact: X mm
  • Special Instructions: Examples: Handstripping U/L 3-3, IPR between U1s to improve interproximal contact/embrasure, Instead of lower IPR, leave space mesial and distal to undersized lateral incisors, anticipating future restoration

Occlusal Pattern

Please specify how occlusal contacts should be distributed. Heavier anterior contacts and lighter posterior contacts: Default occlusal pattern for open bite cases 

  • Heavier posterior contacts and lighter anterior contacts: Default occlusal pattern for deep bite cases
  • Even contacts: Occlusal contacts will be distributed evenly around the arch
  • Other: Please choose this option if you have a specific request. Example: No contacts on incisors/canines

Additional Instructions

For any other instructions that you would like to specify for our planners, please add them in the Additional Instructions section.

2.6 Review LightPlan page

  1. Verify the LightPlan details you have entered in this page.
  2. After Reviewing your order summary select "Create LightPlan" to submit for a patient for Treatment Plan Processing.

3.0 Save and Resume LightPlans

What is it?

LightForce users can now save LightPlans during the creation process and can resume anytime later. Different users from the same account can resume LightPlans that were previously saved. This new feature supports workflow of practices where the Treatment Coordinators/Staff can start the prescriptions by entering basic information and exit at any point. The remaining sections (clinical for example) can be resumed by the doctor.

How to use it?

The save feature is applicable only for Accounts using the v2 version. As users navigate from one section to another, all information entered in the previous section will be automatically saved. At any given point, if you have to exit a LightPlan, click on the “Save & Exit” button at the bottom of the page.

Fig: Save & Exit button in New Treatment Form

To resume previously saved LightPlans, any user from an account can do so from the dashboard, patients page or from patient details page. We also provide the latest saved information. 

Fig: Dashboard

Fig: Patients Page

Fig: Patient Details page

If there are any updates/changes to any of the fields since the last saved point, we will highlight the errors when you resume next time. For example, if an address is removed from the account and the LightPlan was earlier saved with this deleted address, then an error message shows up when you resume next time.

Tracking Your Order

  1. Once your case has been submitted, you are able to track the entire process until it is shipped to your door!
  2. Unlike other digital treatment systems, the LightForce planning software gives you control over virtually every aspect of the case.

What's Next

  1.  After receiving and processing the initial treatment plan, the case is returned to you for your additional clinical input. 
  2. The LightForce platform gives you fast delivery of the patient’s custom appliance. Just 7 to 10 business days from approval, the customized appliances are on the way.