New Bracket Base Design & Debonding Technique

Debonding technique and information with the new bracket base. This article is for all patient cases submitted AFTER 6/30/2020.

LightForce bracket Terminology-

  • BAB - Breakaway Base - Bracket feature that enables it to crack down the middle
  • Aux Slot - Vertical bracket slot between the mesial and distal tie wings

New BAB Design:

The BAB feature has been moved from the back of the bracket to the front, making it easier to activate the BAB more consistently. The Clinical Technician now has the ability to hold anywhere on the tie wings to activate the break away feature making the debonding experience better for the patient and clinical technician. The technician can activate the BAB feature by holding evenly on the mesial and distal of the bracket with firm pressure. The BAB will activate regardless of plier position. 

Important Note:

*Remove arch wire before activating BAB

*With LFO brackets and activating BAB to not apply any torque of the wrist when debonding.

New BAB Debonding Instructions:

Make sure the plier position is not directly on the bracket base or too high up on the tie wings. 

  • Plier position directly on the base can result in damage to bracket and inability to debond
  • Plier position too high on the wings can result in tie wings fracturing into pieces.


For any questions contact our LightForce Customer Support team:
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