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LightForce Mixed Dentition and Staged Treatment

This article includes support on LightForce Mixed Dentition and Staged Treatment.

Mixed Dentition and Staged Treatment Support in LightForce offers the ability to start all patients with LightForce knowing that you can submit a second scan to treat any teeth or an entire arch not planned in the original treatment.


Staged Treatment

Cases where one arch is bonded first while the other is not treated for various reasons (ex: surgical cases, expansion is needed with an appliance first, etc.)

Mixed Dentition

Cases where patients have unerupted teeth or impacted canines at the time of initial bonding. We can also use this functionality to provide IDB trays for brackets that would have required direct bonding in the first stage (due to crowding, displacement, etc.)


LightForce will provide a second LightPlan incorporating the untreated teeth or untreated arch into the setup from the original plan. Custom brackets and IDB trays for the newly treated teeth will be delivered for your patient (represented in orange).


Mixed Dentition–Second Stage

Staged Treatment–Second stage

Why Use Mixed Dentition or Staged Treatment with LightForce

  • Start cases sooner with the ability to submit a second scan to incorporate newly erupted teeth or an untreated arch into the LightPlan 
  • Use custom brackets for teeth that were unerupted or unplanned in the initial LightPlan
  • Increase efficiency with IDB trays for teeth that are treated in the second stage.

Starting a Case for Mixed Dentition or Staged Treatment

Staged Treatments

If you know that you will be starting treatment with only one arch, select the Staged Treatment Approach in the Initial Case Submission Form. At the first stage, we will only manufacture and ship brackets for the arch that you have chosen to bond first. 

Mixed Dentition

In mixed dentition cases, brackets will be made from mirror images of the contralateral tooth (if erupted) or stock brackets will still be included for unerupted/partially erupted teeth, so that you have the option to bond them directly instead of taking a second scan if you prefer. 

Requirements for the Second Scan

When taking the second scan please ensure the following:

  • Remove the archwire from both upper and lower arch
  • Scan both upper and lower arches
  • Remove any temporarily bonded appliances (stock brackets, buttons, etc.) on the teeth to bond, as well as all remaining adhesive


Note: You do not need to debond any brackets from the original LightPlan
It is recommended, but not required, to submit updated records if you have them (i.e. progress pan, photos)


Submitting a Second Stage Scan

After the initial LightPlan has shipped, you can submit a second set of scans for any case you would like to treat as Staged/Mixed Dentition. You can do this by navigating to the Patient Page, clicking on the gear icon, and selecting “Second Scans” from the dropdown menu. 



You will be prompted to select a Mixed Dentition or Staged Treatment Approach. Please choose the appropriate option for the case, and press Submit. 


Please review the Second Scan instructions. 


You will then create a LightPlan where you can select the teeth to be treated in the second stage. Add any other details that you want considered in the treatment details.


LightForce technicians will set up the second stage LightPlan based off of the original LightPlan. 

Reviewing LightPlans for Mixed Dentition and Staged Treatment

When reviewing the second stage of your LightPlan for Mixed Dentition and Staged Treatment, you will see that the new LightPlan has incorporated the untreated teeth or arch into the original LightPlan. 


When you first review your second stage LightPlan for mixed dentition, you will see brackets on all the teeth that are being treated by LightForce:


If we toggle off the bracket material in the settings, we will see the following where the teeth being treated in the second stage have the active brackets:

As with existing LightPlans, you can move the selected teeth and make suggestions to LightForce technicians for any changes you want performed to those teeth in the LightPlan. Teeth that were planned in the first stage will be locked in their final position, as shown by the UL1 in the following image. Once ready, simply approve the LightPlan.  


Q: Do I get IDB trays for individual teeth?

A: Yes, you will receive IDB jigs for individual teeth.

Q: What is the lead time on ordering brackets and IDBs for a second stage for mixed dentition or staged treatment?

A: They follow our lead time for regular orders.

Q: How many stages of treatment and scans does LightForce support?

A: At this stage, we support a second set of scans. We recommend waiting until all remaining teeth that you wish to treat have erupted prior to obtaining the second scan.

Q: Can I reposition brackets?

A: No, not at this time. If this is a feature you are interested in, please reach out to your sales manager.

Q: Can I do a mid-course correction of the LightPlan after treatment has started?

A: No, not at this time. If this is a feature you are interested in please reach out to your sales manager.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of teeth that can be treated with Mixed Dentition Support?

A. No, there is no limit to the number of teeth that can be treated with Mixed Dentition support. However, please note that each tooth that will be treated in the second scan will receive an individual IDB jig.

Q: Can I submit additional scans beyond the second scan?

A: No, only second scans are supported at this time. From a practice workflow standpoint, it will be more efficient and less disruptive to wait to re-scan the pt until all the teeth that they will want custom brackets for have erupted.

Q: For cases that are currently in planning, can I add custom 6s? 

A: If the doctor is not part of the beta, custom 6s are not available for any cases created before April 7. Cases submitted from that date on will have custom 6s. 

Q: Will stock/mirrored brackets still be included in the first stage? 

A: Yes, planners will continue to set up the first stage LightPlan with mirrors and pontics for unerupted/partially erupted teeth. We will still provide mirrored/stock brackets for direct bonding in the first stage, so the doctor doesn’t have to submit second scans if they don’t want to. 

Q: Will the previously planned teeth be locked? 

A: Yes