LightForce Leader Checklist

This article includes the information for the LightForce Leader Checklist.

Check Patient New Orders have been submitted (at the end of each day)

    • Scans submitted/uploaded
    • Photos uploaded
    • X-rays uploaded
    • Prescription filled out
    • New Order Submitted to LightForce
Quick Tip: Print schedule out at the end of the day and check off, highlight, or cross out patients that have been completely submitted to the correct lab. Check Appointments with Records taken (Photos, X-rays, Intraoral Scan)

Check Open Tasks Dashboard 
    • Awaiting Records (Gather records/Complete Submission)
    • Doctor Review (Notify Doctor)

Track Patient Cases 
    • Check placed orders
    • Monitor tracking information for upcoming patients
    • Store reorders accordingly

Track patient reorders 
    • Check placed orders 
    • Track shipped orders
    • Reorder Receipt Protocol 
      • Combine replacement brackets received with existing patient kit
Main Contact for LightForce Support Team
    • Gather Feedback about LightForce from team
    • Gather Suggestions for Orthodontic Office Needs
    • Main communication for software & product updates