Applying Adhesive to LightForce Brackets

This article includes the information provided for adding a viscous adhesive to LightForce brackets.

Recommended Materials for LightForce

To view the recommended materials list for Lightforce please see our article on Bracket Bonding Materials for LightForce

Bracket Prep:

  1. Add light-cured orthodontic adhesive of choice to the LightForce Orthodontic bracket base.
  2. Put indirect bond tray back in the LightForce box and repeat for each segmented tray. Remember to close the box in-between loading brackets. The LightForce packaging acts as a light box and will protect the adhesive from ambient light.
Tip – LightForce brackets require less cement than traditional brackets. Apply sparingly to avoid excessive flash. 
Tip – Preparing the brackets in advance saves chair time. The box can be used as a light saving box to store IDB trays before bonding.

When Applying adhesive to the bracket base, visualize your bracket pad split into thirds. See the below instructions for technique guide:

Apply Adhesive to middle third of the bracket, continue to push adhesive out of the syringe dispensing towards the gingival third of the bracket and scrape the tip of the syringe on the gingival edge of the bracket leaving 1-2 mm of adhesive on the middle and gingival thirds of the pad. Use a microbrush or composite/plastic instrument dipped in bonding resin to push the adhesive into the retention rods of the bracket, and down to the occlusal third of the pad. 

Note: Having a majority of the adhesive on the middle and gingival thirds of the pad is ideal for indirect bonding. Upon tray insertion, the adhesive will naturally push towards the occlusal surface of the pad. Having more adhesive on the gingival & middle thirds of the bracket before tray insertion will have a better chance of less flash on the tooth and under the occlusal tie wings after curing.

After applying the adhesive, position the indirect bond tray so you are looking straight down into the tray. Make sure the adhesive is following the curvature of the custom pad. (concave look) If you see any bubbling of the adhesive remove any excess with microbrush or other instrument of choice. (See photo below for reference)

LightForce Training Video 

Here is a training video on how to apply a viscous adhesive to LightForce brackets. In this video the middle bracket (UR4-first premolar) with the applied adhesive shows too much material added to the bracket base. This is an example of adhesive bubbling and not following the custom shape of the pad. The UR5-second premolar and UR3-cuspid brackets have the recommended amount of adhesive applied, following the custom base of the LightForce bracket pad.

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