How-To: Upload STL Files into LightForce

Manual Exporting options to choose when uploading STL Files to LightForce.

To add LightForce as a direct connect lab to your iTero or 3Shape scanner please refer to this article.

In some cases you may need to export your STL files from your scanner or scanner portal to upload scans directly to the LightForce customer portal.

For iTero Manual Scanner Exporting Instructions - Please choose from the following links:

iTero Manual Exporting-

iTero Manual Exporting- or

After the STL files have been exported to your desktop or designated folder, follow these next steps to upload your scans into the LightForce Portal:

  1. Go to and login to your doctor portal
  2. Once logged in and viewing the Dashboard,
    See Options to "Add Patient" or "Create LightPlan"
    1.  Follow the instructions to Add New Patient.
      (See How-To: Add Your First Patient Article)
    2. If your Patient has already been created, find your patient under "Open Tasks" and Select "Create LightPlan"
  3. Next Continue on to Create your Light Plan.
  4.  To Upload your STL files into the LightForce portal select "Upload Now". Use the Browse Files buttons to search for the scans. 

Note: Double check your Upper & Lower arch selection during this process to ensure your scans are uploading to the right fields. (Upper Scan > Upper Box and Lower Scan to Lower Box)

NP-Scanner GIF

*When exporting and uploading scans manually, it is important to select check your scanner settings with the option to choose the highest quality scan to ensure the scans can be processed by LightForce and that no delays occur.

If you would like to manually submit a scan after creating a treatment plan, the portal allows you to do the following:

1. Select the patient on the Patient page of the doctor portal
2. Click on the gear in the upper right corner of the page and click the option "Upload Scans Manually"
3. A window will appear allowing you to select the lower and upper scans to be attached to the treatment

*Note that this process will only apply if LightForce has not received scans already for a treatment. If you wish to resubmit a scan, please contact customer support so that they can clear the attached scans. Once the scans are cleared, you can follow the same steps as outlined above.