How to Submit a Treatment Plan

How to add new patient, how to add photo images and a step by step process for creating the treatment plan

Follow the instruction below and/or download this guide as a PDF here

Create Your LightForce Patient’s Treatment Plan:

  1. Once patient information and records are uploaded proceed by clicking Create treatment plan
  2. Select Ship to & Billing Address
  3. Upload STL files (patient scan), 3 options for uploading:
     Through iTero (instructions linked here)
     Through 3 Shape (instructions linked here)
     Upload to portal
  4. Indicate a treatment strategy by filling out the form. There is also a treatment strategy box for adding your strategy details. The more detailed information you can provide the better. This will allow your LightForce team to create a more accurate treatment plan. Several areas to consider:
     Indications of which teeth are going to be reshaped, what positioning to maintain from the
    original occlusion and arch form, or any specific skeletal corrections being made?
     Has this patient had orthodontic correction prior to our receipt of the case?
     Are there any other parts of hardware to be installed on a patient that will interfere with
    bracket placement?
  5. Once the above information is filled out, click the Continue button
  6. You will now be prompted to specify the slot height and indicate hook preferences (if needed)
  7. Click Continue to finish the treatment planning process
  8. Review summary and click Create Treatment Plan to complete submitting your case



Note: download this guide as a PDF here