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How to Market LightForce (Doc & Form)

How to promote LightForce to acquire new patients

We are honored to have you be a part of our LightForce Orthodontist Community. Please look through these tips on promoting our partnership. If you haven't already, request access to your LightForce Asset Marketing website via your LightForce representative. 

1. Announcing LightForce

Take a few photos with our LightForce Typodonts or packaging. Post and tag us!

  • Our Instagram handle: @wearelightfoce
  • Hashtags to use: #WeAreLightForce, #OneSizeFitsOne, #CustomBraces, #3DPrintedBraces, #LightForceOrtho, #3DPrintTheFuture

  • Caption suggestion:

We are excited to have been selected to offer LightForce braces to the YOUR AREA! They are the most advanced technology available -  the world's first, fully customized 3D printed brackets
  • Find us on LinkedIn and Facebook: @LightForceOrthodontics & @LightForceOrtho

2. Update Your Website

Let both your patients and prospects know that you now offer LightForce braces.

  • Use any of our lifestyle images, product shots and our product description located in your Showpad Site.

3. Talk the Talk

Clearly describe the characteristics and benefits of LightForce.

  • Here are some helpful phrases you can use in the office or on social media:
"LightForce offers the world’s only 3D printed braces."
"LightForce allows orthodontists to provide true custom treatment to each and every patient."
"3D printing customizes each bracket to fit every tooth perfectly. This optimizes tooth movement, comfort for the patient, and limits chair time."
"Custom brackets result in fewer emergency appointments."

4. How to Promote LightForce On-Going

Here are some topic ideas to help you talk about LightForce with your community on an on-going basis:

  • 3D Printing in the News: You can connect any 3D advancement news to LightForce in your practice.
“Amazing to think we’re 3D printing pizzas now, we’ve been offering custom 3D printing braces for some time.”
  • How it’s done: Photo or video series showing how the LightForce braces system works, from scan to debond
  • LF vs the Old Way: Comparing treatment times of LightForce to “stock” braces
  • Patient Testimonials: Quotes or stats from LF patients
  • Run a Promotion: Conduct a raffle giving away White Airpods to a random LF patient every month. The white Airpods and white brackets are a great connection.

5. How to Promote LightForce On-Going

Practices have had incredible success documenting bondings and debondings with photos and videos of LF patients. Here are some additional tips:

  • Use a “Polaroid” camera: This lo-fi camera is COOL again. Go figure. We recommend purchasing one and using it for LightForce. 
    • Snap a photo of the patient, then take a digital photo of the polaroid and the patient and staff, which the practice and patient can share on social media. 
  • Use a Camera/Photo App to Capture Patients: Find an app that utilizes a consistent filter to brand your treatments. This will help differentiate your LF patients from the rest.
  • Create a “LightForce Smile of Fame” Wall: As patients and parents walk through your office, having an area to acknowledge all of your LF cases and their treatment success is a great way to generate buzz.
  • Create a Snapchat Geo-Filter:  Based on your location around your practice, create a filter using LightForce.

6. Get Personal

We are strong supporters of the selfie-video approach to marketing.

  • Take a second to film a short message on your phone to send out via social channels or over email.
    • People are more likely to watch a video than read text, making these videos a free and easy way to spread the word and let us know so we can share it. 

7. Highlights & Stories 

Take advantage of Instagram highlights and create a separate category for new products such as LightForce.

  • Add any story pictures or videos such as:
    • Using LightForce in action
    • Opening our packaging to show it more organized and accessible for patients.
    • Smiling patients 
  • Be sure to tag us so we can include it in our "Partner" highlight and share on our story!

8. Prep Your Staff

Use our provided script for your Treatment Coordinator.

  • Located inside your Showpad site, there is a document that covers the basics and take the stress out of trying to hit every single point about the LightForce system.
  • Print out the TC script and keep it handy.

9. Stay Current

Post frequent content to your social channels that is relevant to the time of year, current events, and holidays. 

  • Check Showpad: We will be updating the files in your microsite accordingly so keep a look out and check on a frequent basis. 

10. Reach Out

    We would love to collaborate with you on any creative ideas that you have. If you are interested in speaking on our monthly webinar, don’t hesitate to ask.
    • If there is any other content and promotional assets that you need, or just have questions:

    Download this entire article here.