How to Prep and Bond Brackets as well as Bite Turbos (Doc & Video)

Bonding Quick Reference Guide

Follow the instructions below and download this information as a PDF here

Step 1: Prepare Brackets

    1. Add light-cured orthodontic adhesive of choice to the LightForce Orthodontic bracket base.
    2. Repeat for each segmented tray.
    3. Ensure brackets are positioned correctly in the IDB jigs.
    4. Close the box. The LightForce packaging acts as a light box and will protect the adhesive from ambient light (for up to 60 minutes). 
    • Tip – LightForce brackets require less cement than traditional brackets. Apply sparingly to avoid unnecessary flash. 
    • Tip – Preparing the brackets in advance save chair time. The box can be used as a staging tray until the moment of bonding. 

Step 2: Prep the Patient for Bonding

  1. Polish, dry, and isolate the patient’s teeth from saliva.
  2. Etch/prime the teeth using orthodontist’s method of choice.

Step 3: Bonding Procedure

  1. Place IDB jigs on patient’s teeth with mild occlusal pressure. (no need to place pressure on the labial surface)
  2. Cure on both sides with UV light for total of 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the IDB tray using a scaler (or similar instrument).
  4. Release tray from the lingual side and peel towards buccally. 

Step 4: Finishing

  1. Cure brackets again from all angles for final cure (about 10 seconds).
  2. Remove any excess flash.
  3. Ligate initial wire to brackets using conventional elastomeric “O-rings” or steel ligatures.

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Follow the instructions below and download this information as a PDF here