How to Add Your First Patient (v1)

Quick steps for submitting first patient for treatment by LightForce

Adding Your First Patient Information

Once you have set-up your Doctor Portal correctly, you will be able to begin adding cases! Follow these instructions to ensure you have added all necessary details for our LightForce representatives.
  1. Go to and login to your doctor portal
  2. To begin, click 'Add New Patient' to Get Startedimage-png-1
  3. Enter in the Required Fields of the New Patient Page. 1-4 are Required.
    (Middle Name & Practice Management Software ID is optional)
    Then Click "Save and Continue"image-png-2

    Adding Patient Images

      • These images can either be submitted through a single composite photo, or individually.
      • You have the ability to 'drag and drop' patient photos, or 'browse your files' (See Below Images)
        Drag & Drop Imageimage-png-3
        Browse Files Image
    You are able to click on each of your images to see a larger version.

    Adding Radiograph

    • Next to upload the radiographs you have the option to drag and drop the file or use the Browse File upload button. You also have the option to "skip" this step.
      Note: Radiographs are optional for case submission. Although we strongly encourage a Pan & Ceph for the best information to setup your LightPlan.
      (For the best bite turbo setup, it is recommended to submit a CEPH)
    • Click 'Save' to successfully upload your patient's x-rays
      NP-Radiograph GIF

    Creating Your Patient's LightForce Treatment Plan

    After you have successfully uploaded your patient's characteristics and images, you are ready to begin the treatment planning process! 
    The simple and intuitive online interface is designed for fast and efficient treatment planning. Simple easy to use treatment planning software allows for review and approval from virtually anywhere. The proprietary digital design and manufacturing software compensates dynamically to modify the bracket programming to maintain straight wire principles.
    • To get started, click 'Create LightPlan'image-png-Aug-18-2020-05-28-27-47-PM

      Note: The "Send via iTero" and "Send via 3Shape" boxes are used to let LightForce know that you have sent the scans through the lab direct connection from your scanner. This will prompt our team to look for that scan through our portal system.

        • When the files have been uploaded, you can manipulate the 3D model with your mouse by clicking and dragging on the model or zooming in and out.
          (SEE GIF BELOW)NP-Scanner GIF
        • You can also upload your STL files into the LightForce portal select "Upload Now". Use the Browse Files buttons to search for the scans.
          Note: Double check your Upper & Lower arch selection during this process to ensure your scans are uploading to the right fields. (Upper Scan > Upper Box and Lower Scan to Lower Box)
        • In Addition: For Scanners that are not a 3Shape or iTero, please provide the Scanner name by selecting Other > Typing in the Scanner Type Name.
          If your STL files are manually exported 3Shape or iTero scans, select the correct drop down.
      Indicating a Strategy
      • Select your treatment approach "Comprehensive" or "Limited".

      • Review all messages in yellow box and under the bond selection field before entering in the patients bond date. 
      • Select all additional details that apply to the case

      The 'Strategy' notes area is extremely important.

      • Please indicate all notes you have regarding your case to help our representatives create an accurate treatment plan. The more specific the notes, the more accurate our initial set up will be. By telling us what your strategy, we can better serve your needs.
      • Indications of which teeth are going to be reshaped, what positioning to maintain from the original occlusion and arch form, or any specific skeletal corrections being made.
      • Has this patient had orthodontic correction prior to our receipt of the case? Are there any other parts of hardware to be installed on a patient that will interfere with bracket placement
      • Click 'Continue'
      • Specify slot height.
      • Indicate hook preferences if needed.
      • Click ‘Continue’ to Shipping and Billing.

      • The last page will is where you will 'select' your Shipping Address and Billing Address.
      • Click ‘Continue’ to Review your Order Summary
      • After Reviewing your order summary select "Create LightPlan" To Submit for patient for Treatment Plan Processing.

      Tracking Your Order

      • Once your case has been submitted, you are able to track the entire process until it is shipped to your door!
      • Unlike other digital treatment systems, the LightForce planning software gives you control over virtually every aspect of the case.

      What's Next

      •  After receiving and processing the initial treatment plan, the case is returned to you for your additional clinical input. 
      • The LightForce platform gives you fast delivery of the patient’s custom appliance. Just 7 to 10 business days from approval, the customized appliances are on the way.