Forsus Appliance Protocol with LightForce

This article includes the recommended protocols for use of an Forsus Appliance with LightForce

Doctor Treatment Notes

Forsus appliance will be used on 

        • Both sides 
        • Single side 
          • Right side only
          • Left side only

Case Submission Protocol - Treatment Strategy

        • Scan without bands protocol - Setup case upper and lower 7-7 . Bond upper LightForce brackets 5-5 and place bands manually on U6s for Forsus.  After bite correction, remove molar bands and bond U6's and U7's together.  Bonding 7s too early with molar bands can result in unwanted tooth movement.  
        • Scan with bands on protocol - Setup U/L 7-7, taking into account the band positions on the U6s. Custom brackets will NOT be made for U6s at this time, as bands cannot be digitally removed. You can finish treatment with the molar bands in place, remove bands and direct bond 6s with provided LightForce (generic) brackets or remove the molar bands and all adhesive and submit a second scan for fabrication of custom brackets for the U6s.

Overcorrections Applied for Forsus Appliance

    • 3 degrees extra distal rotation to L3’s
    • Reduce lower 2-2 torque by 4 degrees
If the doctor specifies that the forsus will be anchored on L4’s instead of L3’s, rotational overcorrection to L4’s will be applied instead of Lower 3’s. Lower 2-2 overcorrection will be applied as per usual. 
If the doctor specifies that the forsus will be used on a single side, apply rotational overcorrection to the L3 on that side only. Lower incisor overcorrection will not be applied.

Protocol to REMOVE molar tubes to finish treatment

Scan Patient before bands are placed (add notes from “scan without bands protocol”)

Note: If the office decides to seat the bands before LightForce brackets have been bonded there may be indirect bond tray fit issues. Make sure to bond LightForce brackets prior to banding molars.

  1. Bond Lower 7-7 of LightForce
  2. Bond Upper 5-5 of LightForce (Detach upper 6 custom brackets in singular rebond tray)
  3. After bite correction, remove the bands, adjust IDB jigs as needed and bond the upper 6's and 7's

Note: Second molars may be included in the setup, it is recommended to bond upper 7’s with upper 6’s after bite correction, bonding second molars too early with molar bands may result in unwanted tooth movements

Protocol for plans to FINISH treatment with molar tubes 

Scan the patient after the bands have been seated: This will allow the Treatment Planners to set up your LightPlan based on the position of the molar tubes on the bands. 

  1. Bond Lower 6-6 or 7-7 of LightForce
  2. Bond Upper 5-5 of LightForce (Custom upper 6’s will not be included in the treatment plan but stock LightForce tubes can be requested)

Note: Second molars may not be included in treatment plan if upper custom first molars are not in the setup.

Forsus with LightForce Treatment Tips

  • Add crimpable hooks distal to the bracket where the forsus is applied
  • Bend gingival loops in the wire
  • Add bumper ties and rotate distally to the bracket where the forsus is applied (steel tie over the bumper tie to secure)