Exporting STL Files from Medit Scanner

1. Select patient from the “Case Box” page list to open patient’s files by clicking on

medit 1

2. The patient’s file prompts, select “Scan Raw” File and click on the icon to export files

medit 2

3. The exporting setup box prompts. Choose as follows:

  • CAD Program: exocad
  • Export File to-Browse file location by clicking on the folder icon -- Choose Desktop file
  • STL
  • Combine Individual Mesh "OFF" (This feature is used ONLY for dentistry and is not useful for Ortho)
  • Click "Apply"

medit 3

4. The exported completed box prompts with a question, if you click "Yes" the folder with the STL files will open, if you click "No" the folder is saved on the desktop.

medit 4

5. Click "Yes" to open the folder and import the STL files into the LightForce Portal page by dragging them onto the page or by using the upload icon.

medit 5

*NOTE: Medit will be updating the software every 2 months. Make sure to review the exporting settings every time your scanner is updated.


Below is the support link:


Customer Support:




For information on how to upload .STL files to LightForce, visit https://kb.lightforceortho.com/how-to-upload-scans-into-lightforce