Exporting STL Files from CEREC Primescan

How to exports scans from the Cerec Primescan scanner.

1. Download Google Chrome into the Cerec computer

2. Create LightForce Shortcut in the Cerec Computer Desktop

3. Create Clarity Folder in the Cerec Desktop

4. Open Patient file in Cerec Software

5. From the patient file choose the 3 squares by the patient name to open saving and exporting options. *Make sure MODEL tab is highlighted.

6. Click “Export”, a new window prompts. Choose "Desktop" or a designated folder you previously created and select STL Highest resolution(*.stl) from the dropping list.

7. Save files into the LightForce Folder by clicking on the “Save” tab. Typing the patient’s name into the File Name spot is optional. After the files are saved the exporting window will close and the files will be saved to your desktop or in a designated folder ready to be imported into the LightForce Portal.


For information on how to upload .STL files to LightForce, visit https://kb.lightforceortho.com/how-to-upload-scans-into-lightforce