Exporting STL Files from MyiTero.com

  1. Login in MyiTero using your itero credentials - www.myitero.com/login
  2. Select the Patients Tab from home page to search for the patient file
  3. Find/Select Patient’s Name
  4. Locate/select the patient's latest scan that you wish to export - a drop down with additional buttons will appear.
  5. Select Export
  6. A new window will appear-
    1. Change Data Format and File type to:
  7. Data Format and File Type as below then click “Export”:
  8. Files will be downloaded to the "Downloads" folder on your computer. 
    1. Files will download as a zip - to unzip those files either right click on the .stl files and extract from folder or simply drag and drop those files to your desktop.
  9. For information on how to upload .STL files to LightForce, visit https://kb.lightforceortho.com/how-to-upload-scans-into-lightforce

NOTE: OrthoCAD will not export a bite .STL file. The arches are put into occlusion during the scan, so no bite .stl file is required.