Elongated Hooks on Molar Tubes FAQs

This article includes information and frequently asked questions on the new, elongated hooks on the molar tubes.

What is it?

LightForce introduces new, elongated and angled hooks on our custom molar tubes. 

What problem does it solve?

The new elongated hooks will improve the retention of elastics when used in the presence of a power chain or ligature.

The image below shows the change from the previous hook design to the improved hook design. 

hook images

Will these longer hooks impact patient experience or comfort?

The feedback acquired during the development of this feature confirms that the elongated hook does not negatively impact patient comfort.  

How do I get it?

The new elongated hook will be included on all cases submitted on or after Monday, December 5th. The new hook design will apply to new cases only, not reorders.  

How does it impact my practice?

The elongated hook will improve ease of ligation, retention, and functionality of the hooks.  This product improvement allows a provider to offer LightForce to every patient, regardless of treatment plan or clinical needs.