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Direct Bonding LightForce Brackets

This article includes information and step by step instructions for bonding with LightForce brackets that need to be directly bonded.

LightForce patient boxes may require a bracket to be directly bonded part way through treatment. Teeth that may need to be directly bonded include:

  • Mixed dentition & Eruption (Non- Custom Stock LightForce Bracket or Mirrored bracket of contralateral tooth)
  • Severely rotated teeth (Custom Bracket with no custom IDB Tray)

  • Severely crowded teeth (Custom Bracket with no custom IDB Tray)

In the the LightForce box!

Brackets will come in a 3D printed direct bond holder with the back up bracket.

The 3D printed DB holder is designed with indentations for the user to grab

  • mesial - distal with anterior bracket carriers for anterior brackets
  • occlusal - gingival for posterior bracket tweezers.

Information on stock LightForce brackets

  • Stock prescription brackets have the same Rx and is generated to different slot sizes depending on what was chosen during case submission (.018, .020 ,.022)
  • The alignment of the "purple" pontic teeth within each setup will determine how the bracket is generated.  Doctors can determine the amount of torque they want built into the bracket by adjusting the "purple" pontic tooth in the LightPlan. (see GIF)

Direct Bonding LightForce Brackets


Direct Bond Custom Brackets 

(Bond on Day 1 Custom brackets or Bond when ready)

Bracket Placement at Initial Bonding Instructions

Use occlusal view and facial view for reference to bracket placement. With a custom base, you should get tactile feedback as you place the bracket on to the tooth.

Bracket Placement when ready (enough space created to bond)

(Above) Initial View - Occlusal view for mesial distal reference. 

(Below) Final View - Grid Tool with facial view