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Custom Buccal Tubes FAQs


Q: What is it? 

A: LightForce 2.0 introduces Custom Buccal Tubes. 

Q: What problem does it solve? 

A: These new custom tubes function like all other LightForce brackets and truly makes the LightForce system fully customizable.  

Q: How do I get it? 

A: Custom tubes on first molars will be available for new cases submitted after April 7. Custom tubes on second molars will be available over the next few weeks after the launch of LF 2.0. You will be notified once you have full access to custom buccal tubes.

Q: How does it work? 

A: Custom tubes will be planned for all cases where there is adequate anatomy and scan data to support custom tubes.  The scan should include all tooth anatomy and a minimum of 0.5 mm of gingiva surrounding the terminal molar.  The first molar bracket will be included in the posterior IDB tray segment, same as before, and the second molar brackets will be provided in a single tooth tray.  

Q: How does it impact my practice? 

A: Inclusion of custom buccal tubes allow you to create a more comprehensive treatment plan with increased vertical and angular control of molars.  Custom tubes have better adaptation to molar anatomy for increased bond strength.  Custom tubes also provide the added benefit of a fully delegated bonding and rebonding process. 

Q: Can I use the “second scan” option to obtain custom buccal tubes?

A: For cases created after access to second molar brackets in early May, we will allow you to request custom tubes for teeth that were not fully erupted in the initial scan.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill this request, as we are constrained by the bracket placement of the original LightPlan, but we will make a best effort to support this. 

Custom tubes for 6s and 7s will not be available for cases created prior to full release in early May.


Q: If I do not take a scan of second molars and do not want them included will the case still be put on hold?

A: No, the case should not be put on hold if the doctor indicates that they don’t want second molars in the Rx form.

Q: For cases submitted prior to when I have access to second molars, can I use mixed dentition to get them later on? 

A: No, mixed dentition will only be available for second molar brackets for cases created after they are released in early May. They will not be available for historical cases via Mixed Dentition/Second Scans.