Connecting the LightForce Lab to Your iTero Scanner

This article includes the instructions on how to pair LightForce Orthodontics to your iTero lab destination.

Connecting Your iTero Scanner

In order to send scans directly to LightForce through iTero, you need to configure LightForce Orthodontics as a "preferred lab" in iTero.

 If you are using an iTero scanner you can simplify the scan submission process by having LightForce Orthodontics added to your menu.

To establish certified connectivity between your practice and the LightForce lab:

  • Contact iTero Customer Advocacy at (800) 577-8767 with your iTero Comprehensive Orthodontic subscription number and request that the LightForce lab be added to your “preferred lab” list.
  • To complete the registration you will be asked to provide the LightForce number, (800) 481-0185.

After confirmation, you will then see the LightForce lab listed in the “ship-to” field when completing the Rx.

Download the iTero Instruction Sheet PDF