Connecting the LightForce Lab to Your iTero Scanner

This article includes the instructions on how to pair LightForce Orthodontics to your iTero lab destination.

Connecting Your iTero Scanner

In order to send scans directly to LightForce through iTero, you need to configure LightForce Orthodontics as a "preferred lab" in iTero.

 If you are using an iTero scanner you can simplify the scan submission process by having LightForce Orthodontics added to your menu.

To establish certified connectivity between your practice and the LightForce lab:

  • Contact iTero Customer Advocacy at (800) 577-8767 or email the 24 hour support at and request that the LightForce lab be added to your “preferred lab” list.
  • To complete the registration you will be asked to provide the LightForce company ID number,  49657
    • Additional information you may need- scanner serial #, patient ID, office company ID.

After confirmation, you will then see the LightForce lab listed in the “send-to” field when completing the Rx. see instructions below.

1. iTero Scanner Instructions

When creating a New Scan in your iTero Scanner make sure to scan under the Case Type 'iRecord' and Select the Lab Destination to be 'LightForce Orthodontics' (See Photo)

2. LightForce Portal Instructions

When creating a New Patient with LightForce, select the "Send via iTero" to notify the LightForce team that a scan has been sent through the direct lab connection from the scanner. 


If the patient was scanned under 'Invisalign + iRecord' or 'Invisalign' the technician can change the case type to 'iRecord' from the iTero scanner by selecting 'Add Rx' on the patient's file and most recent scan.

Patient must be scanned within 21 days to change the case type from the iTero scanner. If the patient was scanned over 21 Days, call iTero support to change the case type to iRecord. If the patient was scanned under 'Invisalign + iRecord' you can follow the below instructions to export the scans manually from

  • If you do not see the option to change the case type in your iTero scanner, you will need to call iTero support at (800) 577-8767, ask support to manually enable the "Add Rx" option back into your iTero scanner.
Click here to download the printable version iTero Scanner Pairing Printable .pdf