Carriere Device with LightForce - Recommended Protocol

This article includes information and the recommended protocol for using the Carriere Device with LightForce.

Start with Carriere Device & End in LightForce

  • First, Bond the Carriere device and fabricate an essix retainer for the same arch as the bonded molar attachments. Start bite corrective phase of treatment.
  • Once Carriere treatment is finished, Remove the Carriere device, molar attachments, & any left over bonding material.
  • Then take new diagnostic records including a full set of photos & intraoral scan

It is Important to have retainers made for both upper and lower arches after Carriere removal. The retainers will be worn to hold the teeth while the patient waits for LightForce brackets to be manufactured.

It is recommended to instruct the patient to wear retainers full time to avoid any potential relapse.

  • Next, Submit the LightForce New Patient Order.
    Please Include:
    *Records of clean teeth (free of plaque, calculus, & food debris)
    • Photos (Required)
    • Panorex (Required) & Ceph (Recommended)
    • Intraoral scan of Upper & Lower with Bite (Required)

    While waiting for LightForce, a patient may have slight tooth movement or minor relapse. It is recommended to trial fit the IDB trays prior to bonding or adding adhesive to the brackets to ensure the trays are fully seated before bonding.

    • If you notice any rocking or the tray isn't seating fully, segment/cut the into trays into individual IDB trays until the segments fit. For instructions on how to segment the tray see the Rebonding & Tray Segmentation Article.