What are LightForce Bracket's Slot Specifications?

Lightforce Orthodontics utilizes a unique manufacturing method and attentive design in the production of our brackets which allow us to provide best-in-class slot accuracy.  The increase in slot accuracy translates to more accurate torque expression and vertical control, as well as faster engagement of the wire due to smaller slot play.

LightForce Orthodontics provides three slot sizes: 0.018", 0.020" and 0.022". All three slot sizes have a slot depth of 0.028". Because of the increase in accuracy of slot size and lower slot play, wire-selection should not include wires that are specified at the same width as the slot (e.g. 0.020” x 0.020” wire in an 0.020” slot).  

Below is the maximum supported wire diameter for each slot size:

- 0.017" x 0.025" in an 0.018" slot

- 0.019" x 0.025" in an 0.020" slot 

- 0.021" x 0.025" in an 0.022" slot

see detailed wire information & photos below

0.018" Slot

  • Maximum supported wire diameter (inches): 0.017”

The following image shows a 17x25 wire in a LightForce 0.018 slot.

018 Slot with 017 wire

0.020 Slot

The 0.020" slot is currently uniquely offered by LightForce Orthodontics. The 0.020" slot was created to allow doctors to achieve greater accuracy and earlier torque engagement while still using the same wire progression as with the 0.022" brackets.

  • Maximum supported wire diameter (inches): 0.019”
The following image shows a 19x25 wire in a LightForce 0.020 slot.

0.022" Slot

  • Maximum Supported Wire Diameter (inches): 0.021”

The following image shows a 21x25 wire in a LightForce 0.022 slot.