Bite Turbos Instructions for Use

Instructions for application of LightForce bite turbos

Note: A small amount of petroleum jelly may be noticed by you or the patient. This is applied to the inside surface of the turbo trays to ensure an easy removal experience and should be left on the trays.

Recommended Bite Turbo Materials:

1. Fill turbo cavities with chosen bite turbo material.

Slightly overfill the cavities to ensure solid contact between the material and the teeth.

  • Choose your preferred bite turbo material. This is a doctor decision.
    • LightForce has tested the bite turbo trays with the following materials:
      • Triad gel has been found to be easiest to use with the system
        • It packs well into the cavities, and the flash is easily removable following the initial curing time.
      • Bandlok additionally has been validated for use with the system
        • When using bandlok, it is beneficial to dispense while still cold from storage. This makes it easier to fully insert into the cavity while being more able to avoid flash or bubble creation.
  • Ensure no bubbles are formed
  • Avoid overfilling the cavities, as this will create a lot of flash
  • Extra material can be gently removed or flattened with a scaler, but be sure not to scrape too much away so that the turbo will no longer contact the tooth or will be incomplete

Turbo Tray with turbo material

2. Place tray on teeth & cure

  • Apply light pressure on occlusal edge of the tray to ensure proper placement.
  • Cure for 5-8 seconds

Important: Do not light cure for more than 30 seconds.

Excessive curing times will result in bonding between the tray and the turbo material and end up needing additional time and effort to clean the finished turbo.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.07.17 AM

3. Remove tray

  • Grip the trays with thumbs on the labial and fingers on the lingual.
  • Apply a slight pressure with your thumbs to pivot the tray occlusally past the incisors. Then, continue the rotation towards the roof of the mouth and away from the lingual tooth surface, being sure to support the lingual side of the tray to avoid tearing.

4. Cleanup & final curing

  • If necessary, clean away excess flash using a hand-piece or your tool of choice.
  • Cleaning before the final cure will make the material easier to remove.
  • After cleaning excess flash, cure turbos for an additional 20 seconds to ensure the turbos are fully solidified.