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Bi-Directional Hooks on U/L 5-5

LightForce introduces Bi-Directional Hook options for upper and lower 5-5! In the article below, find the answers to frequently asked questions.

How does this help me better serve my patients?

Previously these hooks could only be applied to the bicuspids, limiting the use of elastics or forcing a provider to use non-LightForce products to achieve an ideal result. Providers can now select any tooth in the arch and have a hook applied to the distal tie wing.

How do I get it?

The bi-directional hooks can be selected by updating doctor preferences (this should be used to update preferences that should be applied to ALL cases) as seen in the image below. 

This can be specified when submitting a LightPlan for a specific patient as seen in the image below.

Lastly, this can be selected when reviewing a LightPlan by using the drop down menu seen in the image below. 


The default selection for the upper and lower cuspids is the curved hook, this can be changed in doctor preferences or noted on a specific case submission

How does it impact my practice?

The LightForce bracket improvements provide increased patient comfort and reduce the amount of non-LightForce products needed to use in order to achieve an ideal outcome.