Bi-Directional Hooks and Tapered Tie Wing FAQs

This article includes common questions and additional details on the bi-directional hooks and the new tapered tie wing design.

What is it?

LightForce introduces bi-directional hooks and a new tapered tie wing shape.  

What problem does it solve?

Bi-directional hooks increase functionality, allowing elastics to be used in any direction.  The rounded shape of the new hook increases patient comfort.  

  Previous Design                New Design


The tapered tie wings make ligation easier and increase ligation options.  Increased rounding of tie-wing edges reduces the likelihood that elastics will tear.  

    Previous Design                New Design

How do I get it?

The tapered tie wing design will automatically be included on all new orders of LightForce brackets. 

The bi-directional hooks are available on upper and lower bicuspids and can be included in your setup in the following ways:

    1. Update default preferences in the account settings page.  Changes made here will apply to all future case submissions, not to past orders.
    2. Select your hook preference when submitting the LightPlan prescription.   This preference will only affect the current LightPlan
    3. Select your hook preference for individual brackets when reviewing your LightPlan via the drop down menu.  See image below.

The new bracket and hook design apply to new cases, not reorders.  

How does it impact my practice?

The LightForce bracket improvements provide increased patient comfort, ease of ligation and improved functionality.