3Shape Trios Scanner: Manual Exporting

This article includes instructions on how to manually export 3Shape scans.

Before exporting and uploading your 3Shape scans please go to your OrthoAnalyzer System Settings to make sure the 100k Triangles Decimation input is deselected.

Go to OrthoAnalyzer Control Panel> System Settings > uncheck Decimate input models to (see image below)

3Shape OrthoAnalyzer 100k ScreenShot

  1. Open Scanner from Laptop
  2. Select Patient
  3. Open Patient’s File and select patient order by clicking on 

    the face icon

  4. The order page prompts, select the order you want to re- send and Select

     Export > Scans

  5. The save window prompts, select STL as a type of file.

6. Save the files to a designated folder or directly to your desktop

7. Open www.lightforce.com, create you patient and upload the .STL files to the patient's records page.

For information on how to upload .STL files to LightForce, visit https://kb.lightforceortho.com/how-to-upload-scans-into-lightforce